Toronto PUA Review: Attraction By Science. 

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Mars, Executive Dating Coach at Attraction By Science

I had the pleasure to personally meet with their head instructor, Mars, for a one-on-one interview/Q&A session to talk about his vision for Attraction by Science. I decided to type out the important facts that were discussed during the hour we talked.

I’m a big fan of Attraction by Science’s pua blog and service. If you decided to take a look on their website, you’d see that these guys are the real deal about what they offer. After looking around their website for a couple of hours, I was bombarded with loads of articles, podcasts, and free offers that would definitely be considered valuable to anyone learning the art of pickup in Toronto. Just from the conversation with Mars, I had a strong feeling the guy had a strong passion for teaching students how to pick up women and understanding social dynamics

Plus, he’s also a very passionate guy when it comes to dating advice for men. He offers free dating advice to his readers (and listeners). What I found that separated him from the other dating coaches I’ve met in the past, was he didn’t exploit his clients by charging them an arm and a leg for simple dating advice. He seemed fair when it come to pricing his services and gave a background for the  reasoning behind the prices which later made sense.

Plus, a cool feature about his service is the emphasis on the free consultations. I’ve never see a dating coach that was willing to offer a FREE 2 hour in-field demos to demonstrate his teachings and see if the program was right for you. In my opinion,  that showed extreme confidence in his service and ability to teach. Most coaches I’ve seen would  never think about doing such a thing for various reasons. So, if you like to attend his pua bootcamp, and want to learn how to pick up women click here

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